it’s been a minute.

wow. i haven’t written anything in almost a month. 

there’s no way i can write about everything that has happened, but a few highlights, that will suffice. 

i went to Hamburg again, but it was to take my ACT , so it’s not all thaattt exciting. 
but yeah, the ACT went really well. 
i’ve made many new friendssss. YAY. 
yesterday i met this other exchange student who is from Poland. i’m making friends who aren’t just from Germany. wickeddd. 
currently we have a two week break from school. hollllaaaa. 
I READ A BOOK IN GERMAN. and i totally fucking <mostly> understood it. ayee. 
i’ve done so much shopping. like whoa buddy. <i love boots and warm socks;> 
i found this coffee shop that i really like. :]]

so much else has  happened, and there is no way that i could write about all of it.. but i hope to get better about keeping everyone updated, 
oh, i’ve been in Germany for three months now. wow. time flies!